Fencing in Hampshire

Fences for privacy, security and curb appeal.

A fence marks the boundaries of your garden. It can be used to keep things out, keep children and pets in, provide privacy and security and can also be a design feature that provides curb appeal and enhances the value of your property, 

Fencing is important for safety, they provide boundaries for children and pets keeping them safely in the garden and away from the vegetable plot, the swimming pool or pond. Garden fencing can also deter trespassers, stray animals or unwanted wildlife. 

Privacy is another key reason why people choose to have fence panels installed.  Perhaps you want to create an area of peace and solitude for relaxing outside, maybe it’s an area of privacy for entertaining, just space to work without an audience, or maybe to hide an ugly exterior

Installing a fence enhances landscape and curb appeal. As well as the practical uses a fence can add character, colour and even make your garden appear larger.  A good quality and beautifully crafted fence can be an asset to your landscapes appearance. 

Fencing can transform your outdoor space both visually and practically so knowing exactly what you need your fence to do will help decide on the right style. 

If you're looking for fencing in Hampshire we will work with you to ensure that your fence is suitable for its function and within your budget.